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Our Vision is to teach, support, and partner with the global Body of Christ.


Our Mission is to:


      Teach and preach the Word of God nationally and internationally, through
           1.    Multimedia outreach
           2.    Missionary work
           3.    Ministry teams
           4.    Spiritual gifts
           5.    Ministry education
           6.    Integrity
           7.    Accountability


      Support and strengthen the vital and unique role of the pastor and the local                         church in the life of the believer and their interaction with the community, by
           1.    Working together to bring the saints to maturity
           2.    Outreach to our neighbors through the life of Christ in us
           3.    Prayer
           4.    Charity
           5.    Compassion
           6.    Benevolence
           7.    Comfort


      Partner with other ministers and ministries in fulfillment of their own vision,                         with
           1.    Fellowship
           2.    Prayer
           3.    Finances


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