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Danielle Moody

Two weeks before Victor came to speak at my church:

I was having such horrible pain in my stomach that I could not stand up and was rushed to E.R.. When there we found out that I was pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy and that I was hemorrhaging all the way up my ribs. The Dr. informed us that he would have to remove my uterus. We did not receive this news as truth. The Dr. also informed my Mom that he didn't believe I would make it out of surgery. God spoke to my heart right before the medication kicked in and said "My daughter, you will be all right." Sure enough I awoke from surgery and it was not necessary for them to remove my uterus. The Dr. showed before and after pictures of the ectopic pregnancy to my family and sadly I was no longer pregnant.


Victor came to minister my first week back at Church. Knowing nothing of what I had been through, he prophesied that there were miracles going on in my womb. He said that i was not barren and I did not catch this at the time, but he said the baby is fine. I was very comforted by this word although I did not completely understand it at the time.


About two weeks later I find out that somehow I am pregnant...which would have naturally been impossible. I went to the same Dr. that performed my surgery. When he performed the ultrasound he was completely bewildered and stated that it was a medical miracle that I was still pregnant with the same pregnancy. I was able to witness to him and show him the love of God over the next 9 months until my beautiful healthy daughter, Layla, was born and we have had two healthy pregnancies since.

Danielle Moody



Victor, I was at the house meeting on April 22nd and am writing to say what a blessing you were both in message and my personal prophecy. It is absolutely wonderful to have the CD as I have been able to listen to it several times and look up the scriptures you gave me. I have had prophecies before but simply couldn't remember afterward what was said. Your ministry is so beautiful and I hope to hear you again. I have been on your website and will continue to follow you there. My prayers go with you as you continue to minister in such a beautiful way. Thank you again for blessing me so greatly.


Bill Charity


       I have been wanting to share this story with you for a while now and I think that now is the time. This is something that happened a few years ago but it will always be fresh in my heart.

     Some time ago my Mom was sick. She had no energy and could barely walk across the room. The doctor told her she had two disease processes going on in her body and they were both killing her. She had a protein disorder in her blood and her liver was severely enlarged. She was told to go home and put things in order and they were going to put her on hospice. She was appx. 72 yrs old.

       We all found out this news, I was devastated because I knew the life she lived. She raised seven kids pretty much by herself. She studied with Jehovah’s witnesses and read her Bible all the time. She didn’t go to church or even leave the house for that matter. I remember some friends telling my wife one day that they didn’t know that I even had a mother. It was in a home where she was not loved and cherished by our Dad until one day she got the nerve to leave and file for divorce. That also had an effect on us kids. In a sense we were glad that she could finally have some peace and freedom.

     The grieving process started in my heart right away. I didn’t think it was right that she was leaving us that way and under those circumstances. I had been experiencing God’s love and goodness for a time and just knew He didn’t want that to happen. This was a faith buster. I was at a low point. I could pray but not with any real faith.

       One day my wife, Vivian was at a meeting, sitting in the back and the speaker called her to stand up. He said, “The lady in the back row. The Lord says you have a loved one who is very sick. He wants you to go and pray for her and He will heal her”. She went with my sister to  Edmonds where she lived and they prayed for her. Well guess what…

 She got up, got dressed and came down to Tacoma with the girls and went to lunch. She stopped by the house and I was there. She said, “Guess what! I’m healed. The Lord healed me.” I’m going to have to admit that I was skeptical. I was glad but that dread still hung over me. At the same time remembering that she couldn’t walk across the room without being exhausted. I did have to thank the Lord if even for the smile and the joy that permeated her. Well, she went to her doctor appointment and he saw a marked improvement in her and asked what happened. She told him. “Jesus healed me”. You know how doctors are. My wife and sister were there with her and said, “That’s right”. He finally said, “Well, whatever you kids are doing keep it up because her liver is shrinking and her blood is improved.”  Over the course of about a month her body was back to normal with no signs of any illness. This caused no small stir among the relatives. They didn’t know what to think. Mom was back and with a powerful testimony. Here was this little mousy lady who was withdrawn and quite filled with the joy of the Lord. She was going to a small Baptist church in Edmonds at the time and she told Viv one day. “It’s not the same, I don’t know if I should keep going there.” She really had an encounter with Jesus and the norm could no longer satisfy that hunger that Jesus put in her heart for Him.

       One day my sister hadn’t heard from her for a couple of days and went to check on her. This was another sister who also lived in Edmonds. Mom, or Granny as she preferred watched her boys as they grew up and they were now teens and tweens. She and the oldest found her sitting on the sofa dressed in her best running outfit wearing her new tennis shoes. She was sitting there with her hands folded and her head laying back on the sofa. She went home! The paramedics said there was no sign of struggle as is common but that she just went to sleep.

     As relatives were called, an Aunt in Philadelphia related that she knew. When asked how? She related that Mom, who was an amazing woman had called her the same night and said, “Georgia, Jesus is coming to get me tonight so I don’t have a lot of time. He told me to call you and tell you some things about your children”. So she did and then said, “Now I want to see you up there so be a good girl.” Then she hung up. My aunt let us know that Mom didn’t know anything about her children and was amazed at what Mom shared.

       I thank God for His goodness and His tender mercies. His mercies are new every morning. He is awesome beyond measure. With this I want to admonish not only my wife who obeyed and prayed the prayer of faith but my brother in the Lord. His ministry and obedience was not only a blessing to me and my family but too many people across this country. How can you say to a person, “Because of your obedience to God, my mother was able to spend two more years with us and she was full of joy and gladness." She loved her kids and grandkids and we were glad. Every time I relate this story it causes my spirit to soar and my heart to bow to the Holy One. Words cannot express what this means to me.

       So with this testimony of God’s faithfulness and your obedience, I say from the bottom of my heart, “thank you Victor”.

Bill Charity


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